Clix Net Worth 2024

Clix Net Worth 2024: A Comprehensive Overview


Cody Conrod, known globally by his gaming alias “Clix,” has carved out a significant niche in the esports world, particularly within the Fortnite community. Born on January 7, 2005, Clix’s meteoric rise from a passionate gamer to a professional Fortnite player has not only garnered him fame but also considerable wealth. As of 2024, Clix’s net worth is a topic of significant interest, given his diverse income streams and substantial earnings from various platforms.

Clix Early Life and Career Beginnings

Clix’s journey into the gaming world began in his early teens. Growing up in Connecticut, he developed a love for gaming, initially playing Minecraft on his older brother’s computer. His passion for gaming was so intense that he promised his father he would save up and buy his own PC once he became a professional gamer.

In November 2017, Clix created a Twitch account and launched his YouTube channel. However, his real breakthrough came in 2019 when he qualified for the inaugural Fortnite World Cup at just 14 years old. His impressive 18th-place finish earned him a prize of $112,000, marking a significant turning point in his career.

Professional Gaming Career

Misfits Gaming and NRG Esports

Clix’s early success led him to join Misfits Gaming, an esports organization, in 2019. His affiliation with Misfits provided him with a platform to enhance his skills and gain more visibility in the competitive gaming scene. However, in 2020, Clix made a strategic move to NRG Esports, a renowned organization based in Los Angeles, further solidifying his position in the gaming community.

Income Sources

Clix’s impressive net worth is a result of his diversified income streams, including tournament winnings, streaming revenue, sponsorship deals, and merchandise sales.

Net Worth and Financial Growth

Clix, whose real name is Cody Conrod, has seen significant financial growth since he first entered the professional gaming scene. His net worth is the result of various income streams, each contributing significantly to his overall wealth. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Let’s break down the details of his financial growth and the key contributors to his wealth.

Earnings from Competitive Gaming

Clix’s journey into the world of esports began with his impressive performance in Fortnite tournaments. His early success at the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019, where he placed 18th and won $112,000, was a pivotal moment in his career. Over the years, he has participated in 39 Fortnite tournaments, amassing total earnings of $276,768.08 from competitive play alone. This consistent performance in high-stakes tournaments has played a crucial role in building his net worth.

Twitch Revenue

Twitch is one of Clix’s most lucrative income sources. With over 4 million followers, Clix has a substantial subscriber base that generates significant monthly revenue. Each Twitch subscriber contributes around $3.50 per month, amounting to approximately $70,000 in subscription revenue alone each month. Additionally, Clix benefits from donations and bits from his viewers, which can vary widely but generally add a significant amount to his monthly earnings. His engaging and charismatic streaming style ensures a steady and loyal viewership, further boosting his income through this platform.

YouTube Income

Clix’s YouTube channel, which boasts around 1.9 million subscribers, is another major contributor to his net worth. He regularly uploads content, primarily focusing on Fortnite gameplay, tutorials, and highlights. Each of his videos typically garners over 1 million views. Based on YouTube’s monetization model, which includes ad revenue, it is estimated that Clix earns around $20,000 per month from his YouTube channel. This figure includes revenue from ads, sponsored content, and views. His ability to consistently attract a large number of views and engagement has made his YouTube channel a significant revenue stream.

Sponsorship and Endorsements

Sponsorship deals are a substantial part of Clix’s income. Due to his popularity and influence in the gaming community, several brands have partnered with him. Companies like Turtle Beach, Roccat, Hot Pockets, Purple, and Levi’s have sponsored Clix, paying him to promote their products during his streams and videos. Reports suggest that Clix earns approximately $5,000 per month from these sponsorship deals. These partnerships not only provide him with financial benefits but also enhance his brand’s visibility and credibility in the gaming industry.

Merchandise Sales

In addition to his earnings from streaming and sponsorships, Clix has also ventured into merchandise sales. He has launched a custom line of keyboards in collaboration with MatrixKeyboards, which has been very well received by his fanbase. These custom keyboards, along with other merchandise like apparel and accessories, contribute significantly to his income. Merchandise sales provide a steady stream of revenue and help in building a stronger connection with his fanbase by offering them products they can associate with their favorite gamer.

Estimated Annual Income

Clix’s diversified income sources contribute to an impressive annual income. His Twitch and YouTube channels alone generate significant monthly earnings. When combined with his tournament winnings, sponsorship deals, and merchandise sales, Clix’s estimated annual income is around $1 million. This figure highlights his ability to leverage multiple revenue streams effectively, ensuring a steady and substantial flow of income.

Factors Influencing Financial Growth

Several factors have influenced Clix’s financial growth:

  1. Diversification of Income Streams: Clix has smartly diversified his income sources, ensuring he is not reliant on a single stream. This diversification includes tournament winnings, streaming revenue, sponsorship deals, and merchandise sales.
  2. Consistent Performance: His consistent performance in tournaments has kept him in the limelight, attracting more sponsorships and increasing his earnings from streaming platforms.
  3. Engagement and Charisma: Clix’s engaging personality and charismatic streaming style have helped him build a loyal fanbase, which is crucial for sustaining and growing his income from platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: His affiliations with organizations like Misfits Gaming and NRG Esports have provided him with platforms to grow and showcase his talent, leading to more opportunities and higher earnings.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Clix’s financial future appears bright. His continued success in the competitive gaming arena, coupled with his strong presence on Twitch and YouTube, positions him well for further growth. As he explores new opportunities and potentially expands his brand, his net worth is likely to increase. Additionally, with the gaming and esports industry continuing to grow, Clix’s strategic positioning within this space ensures he will remain a key player, both in terms of influence and financial success.


Clix’s journey from a young gaming enthusiast to a professional esports player is an inspiring story of passion, dedication, and strategic decision-making. His impressive net worth reflects his success in the competitive gaming world and his ability to engage and entertain a vast audience across multiple platforms. As Clix continues to grow his brand and explore new opportunities, his financial future looks incredibly bright.


  1. How old is Clix?
    • As of 2024, Clix is 19 years old.
  2. What is Clix’s primary source of income?
    • Clix’s primary sources of income include Twitch streaming, YouTube ad revenue, tournament winnings, and sponsorship deals.
  3. What is Clix’s net worth in 2024?
    • Clix’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $2 million.
  4. What organizations has Clix been a part of?
    • Clix has been a part of Misfits Gaming and NRG Esports.
  5. What brands sponsor Clix?
    • Brands that sponsor Clix include Turtle Beach, Roccat, Hot Pockets, Purple, and Levi’s.


For aspiring gamers looking to emulate Clix’s success, focusing on developing skills, engaging with the community, and diversifying income streams is crucial. Building a strong presence on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, participating in competitive tournaments, and securing sponsorship deals can significantly boost both visibility and earnings.

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