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Mastering the Flanking Strike Macro in World of Warcraft: A Comprehensive Guide


In the immersive world of World of Warcraft (WoW), macros are essential tools that enhance gameplay by automating complex actions. Among these, the flanking strike macro stands out for its strategic importance. This guide delves into the flanking strike macro, explaining its significance and offering a step-by-step approach to mastering it.

Understanding Flanking Strikes

A flanking strike involves attacking an enemy from the side or rear, maximizing damage and minimizing the risk of counterattacks. This technique is crucial for melee classes in WoW, where positioning and timing can dramatically affect combat outcomes. Effective use of flanking strikes can turn the tide in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Setting Up the Flanking Strike Macro

Step-by-Step Instructions

Opening the Macro Interface

To begin, access the macro setup menu by typing /macro in the chat or navigating through the game menu:

  1. Press Escape to open the game menu.
  2. Select Macros from the list.

Creating a New Macro

  1. Click on New to create a new macro.
  2. Name Your Macro: Choose a name that you can easily remember, such as “FlankStrike.”
  3. Select an Icon: Pick an icon that visually represents the action for quick identification.

Entering the Macro Code

Here is a simple flanking strike macro code:


Copy code


/cast Flanking Strike



  1. Enter the Macro Code: Copy and paste the above code into the macro text box.
  2. Explanation of Each Line:
    • /startattack: Initiates your auto-attack.
    • /cast Flanking Strike: Executes the flanking strike ability.
    • /petattack: Commands your pet to attack the target (useful for classes like Hunters).

Saving and Assigning

  1. Click Save to save the macro.
  2. Drag the Macro: Move the macro icon from the macro interface to your action bar.
  3. Assign a Keybinding: If preferred, assign the macro to a key for quick access.

Detailed Explanation of Macro Components

Each part of the macro serves a specific purpose:

  • /startattack: Ensures you begin attacking immediately, even if your special ability is on cooldown.
  • /cast Flanking Strike: Activates the flanking strike ability directly.
  • /petattack: Commands your pet to focus on your target, ensuring synchronized attacks.

Utilizing the Flanking Strike Macro

Practical Tips

  • Target Acquisition: Ensure you are targeting the correct enemy by using tab targeting or clicking directly.
  • Optimal Positioning: Always aim to position yourself behind the enemy for maximum damage.
  • Timing: Use the macro when the enemy is vulnerable or distracted.
  • Coordination: Communicate with your party or raid members to time your attacks with their debuffs or crowd control.

Advanced Techniques

Combining with Cooldowns

Pair the flanking strike macro with other abilities for devastating effects. For example:


Copy code

/cast Berserk

/cast Flanking Strike



This combines your cooldown ability with the flanking strike, maximizing damage output.

Situational Awareness

Adjust your strategy based on the environment. In a cluttered battleground, find clear paths to flank your enemies without drawing attention.

Customizing the Macro

Modify the macro to suit different situations:


Copy code

/cast [mod:shift] Flanking Strike; [mod:alt] Mongoose Bite


This allows you to cast different abilities based on the modifier key pressed.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Macro Not Working

  • Check for Typos: Ensure the macro code is correct.
  • Ability Availability: Make sure the flanking strike ability is not on cooldown.

Positioning Problems

  • Manual Adjustments: Practice moving swiftly to the enemy’s rear or side. Use strafing techniques to maintain position.

Pet Not Attacking

  • Pet Status: Ensure your pet is active and within range. Use /petattack to command it.

Staying Updated

Macros can become outdated with game patches. Stay informed by:

  • Following WoW Forums: Participate in community discussions.
  • Checking Patch Notes: Review official Blizzard updates for changes affecting macros.

Visual Guide

  • Screenshots: Include images of the macro setup interface and examples of optimal positioning during flanking strikes.
  • Diagrams: Visual aids to illustrate positioning strategies.

Additional Resources

Explore further with these resources:

  • Video Tutorials: Watch step-by-step guides on YouTube.
  • Community Forums: Join discussions on sites like WoWhead and Reddit.
  • Official Guides: Refer to Blizzard’s official documentation for in-depth information.


Mastering the flanking strike macro in WoW can significantly enhance your gameplay. By understanding its components, practicing effective use, and staying updated with the latest strategies, you can become a formidable player in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Keep practicing, stay engaged with the community, and adapt to the ever-evolving world of Azeroth.

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