Has Jann Mardenborough Ever Won a Race?

Has Jann Mardenborough Ever Won a Race?


Jann Mardenborough’s name resonates with many in the world of motorsport, thanks to his unique journey from a virtual racer to a professional driver. His story is nothing short of inspirational, captivating racing enthusiasts and gamers alike. But a question that often arises is: Has Jann Mardenborough ever won a race? This article explores his racing career, highlighting his achievements and examining his victories on the track.

Early Life and Entry into Motorsport

Jann Mardenborough’s journey into motorsport began in an unconventional way. Born on September 9, 1991, in Darlington, England, Jann didn’t follow the traditional path of starting in go-karts. Instead, his love for racing was nurtured through video games, particularly the Gran Turismo series on PlayStation.

The GT Academy Breakthrough

In 2011, Jann’s life changed when he entered the GT Academy, a competition organized by Nissan and PlayStation that aimed to turn the best Gran Turismo players into real-life racing drivers. Out of 90,000 contestants, Jann emerged victorious, winning the competition and earning a spot in Nissan’s driver development program.

Professional Racing Career

Jann’s transition from virtual to real racing was swift and impressive. After winning GT Academy, he underwent rigorous training and began competing in various racing series.

Early Career Highlights

In 2012, just a year after his GT Academy win, Jann competed in the British GT Championship, driving a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. He achieved his first significant victory in motorsport at the Brands Hatch GP circuit, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

Notable Wins and Achievements

  • 2012 British GT Championship: Jann secured a win at Brands Hatch, showcasing his talent and potential.
  • 2014 GP3 Series: Racing for Arden International, Jann won his first GP3 race at Hockenheim, further proving his skills against some of the best young drivers in the world.
  • 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans: Competing in the LMP1 class, Jann’s team finished third in their category, a notable achievement in one of the most prestigious endurance races.
  • 2016 Japanese Formula 3 Championship: Jann clinched a victory in this highly competitive series, continuing to build his reputation in international motorsport.

Challenges and Growth

Jann’s career has not been without its challenges. Transitioning from virtual racing to the real world requires adapting to new physical and mental demands. Despite facing fierce competition and the inherent risks of motorsport, Jann’s determination and resilience have helped him overcome these obstacles.

Overcoming Adversity

In 2015, Jann was involved in a tragic accident at the Nürburgring 24 Hours race, which resulted in the death of a spectator. This incident was a significant emotional and psychological hurdle, but Jann demonstrated remarkable strength and continued to pursue his racing career with unwavering dedication.

Impact on Motorsport

Jann Mardenborough’s success has had a profound impact on the perception of sim racing as a legitimate pathway into professional motorsport. His achievements have inspired many gamers and aspiring racers, proving that talent and dedication can open doors to real-world opportunities.

Legacy and Inspiration

Jann’s story has been an inspiration for the GT Academy and similar programs, encouraging other manufacturers and organizations to invest in discovering talent through unconventional means. His journey from virtual racing champion to professional driver is a testament to the evolving nature of motorsport.


To answer the question: Yes, Jann Mardenborough has won multiple races throughout his career. His victories in the British GT Championship, GP3 Series, and Japanese Formula 3 Championship, among others, highlight his remarkable transition from a gamer to a professional racing driver. Jann’s story continues to inspire and influence the world of motorsport, proving that with talent, determination, and the right opportunities, extraordinary achievements are possible.


1. How did Jann Mardenborough start his racing career? 

Jann Mardenborough began his racing career by winning the GT Academy in 2011, a competition organized by Nissan and PlayStation to turn the best Gran Turismo players into real-life racing drivers.

2. What are some of Jann Mardenborough’s notable victories? 

Jann has notable victories in the 2012 British GT Championship at Brands Hatch, the 2014 GP3 Series at Hockenheim, and the 2016 Japanese Formula 3 Championship.

3. What impact has Jann Mardenborough had on motorsport?

 Jann’s success has legitimized sim racing as a pathway to professional motorsport and inspired many aspiring racers and gamers, highlighting the potential of unconventional talent discovery methods.

4. How did Jann Mardenborough overcome challenges in his career?

 Jann faced significant challenges, including a tragic accident in 2015. His resilience and determination helped him continue pursuing his racing career despite these obstacles.

5. What is the GT Academy? 

The GT Academy is a competition organized by Nissan and PlayStation that aims to discover talented gamers and turn them into professional racing drivers through intensive training and development programs.

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