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Peanut Nasheed: Biography, Career, Personal Life, and More


Peanut Nasheed, originally named Alexis Cobb, is an American model who gained widespread recognition through her marriage to Tariq Nasheed. Tariq is a well-known American film producer, author, and Internet personality celebrated for his Hidden Colors film series and thought-provoking social media commentary. Together, Peanut and Tariq have built a remarkable life, sharing three beautiful children and a journey that spans many years. This article delves into Peanut Nasheed’s life, offering a comprehensive look at her biography, career, personal life, and more.

Peanut Nasheed Biography

Approaching her thirtieth birthday on December 30th, Peanut Nasheed, whose birth name is Alexis Cobb, stands at a significant milestone. She hails from the United States and embodies the quintessential American identity, with a rich amalgamation of diverse ancestries. Unfortunately, detailed insights into her familial heritage and formative years are scarce. Her early life, including her education and the presence of siblings, remains largely private.

Field Information
Full Name Alexis Cobb
Nickname Peanut Nasheed
Birth Date December 30th
Age 30
Lucky Number 7
Lucky Stone Garnet
Lucky Colour Purple
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed

Early Life and Background

Peanut Nasheed, originally named Alexis Cobb, was born on December 30th. She is approaching her thirtieth birthday and epitomises a rich amalgamation of diverse ancestries. While specific details about her family background and early life remain scarce, her multicultural heritage is a significant aspect of her identity.


Details about Peanut Nasheed’s educational background are limited. The specifics of her schooling and higher education remain undisclosed, adding to the enigmatic nature of her early life.


Modelling Career

Peanut Nasheed pursued a career in modelling, though information about her professional endeavours before her rise to prominence remains limited. She gained significant attention following her marriage to Tariq Nasheed.

Professional Life Beyond Modeling

Peanut Nasheed is also celebrated for her role as a supportive spouse and dedicated mother. Her professional life beyond modelling has not been extensively documented, but her contributions to her family’s success are noteworthy.

Personal Life

Marriage to Tariq Nasheed

Peanut Nasheed married Tariq Nasheed, a prominent figure known for his work in film production and social commentary. Their journey as a couple has spanned nine years, beginning with their marriage in 2014 after seven years of dating. They have three children: Taria Nasheed, Mateo Nasheed, and Asir Nasheed.

Family and Children

Peanut and Tariq Nasheed have a close-knit family with three children. Taria Nasheed, their daughter, and two sons, Mateo and Asir Nasheed, complete their family. Peanut’s role as a mother and wife is a significant aspect of her life.

Relationship Name
Husband Tariq Nasheed
Children Taria Nasheed, Mateo Nasheed, Asir Nasheed

Physical Appearance

Peanut Nasheed has a curvaceous figure, dark brown eyes, and naturally curly black hair. While specific measurements like her height and weight are not publicly disclosed, her striking appearance is often noted.

Net Worth

While Peanut Nasheed’s exact net worth is not publicly available, it is widely speculated that she enjoys a substantial seven-figure fortune, largely due to her marriage to Tariq Nasheed. Tariq Nasheed’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million as of August 2023, stemming from his successful career in documentaries and as a New York Times best-selling author.

Social Media Presence

Peanut Nasheed maintains a low profile and is not active on social media platforms. She prefers to keep her life private, away from the public eye and social media noise.


Peanut Nasheed, also known as Alexis Cobb, is a notable figure in the public eye primarily due to her marriage to Tariq Nasheed. Despite the limited information about her professional career, her role as a loving wife and mother defines her public persona. She leads a private, drama-free life, focusing on her family and personal interests. This comprehensive overview provides a detailed look into Peanut Nasheed’s life, satisfying readers with all the essential information about this intriguing personality.

FAQs About Peanut Nasheed

What is Peanut Nasheed’s real name?

Alexis Cobb.

How old is Peanut Nasheed?

She is 30 years old, born on December 30th.

Who is Peanut Nasheed married to?

She is married to Tariq Nasheed, a film producer and Internet personality.

How many children does Peanut Nasheed have?

She has three children: Taria, Mateo, and Asir.

What is Peanut Nasheed’s profession?

She is a model and celebrity wife.

What is Peanut Nasheed’s net worth?

Due to her marriage to Tariq Nasheed, her net worth is considered to be in the seven figures.

What are Peanut Nasheed’s hobbies?

Travelling and reading.

Is Peanut Nasheed active on social media?

No, she prefers to maintain a low profile and avoid social media.

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