Ximena Saenz

Ximena Saenz: Unveiling the Culinary Star’s Journey and Age

Ximena Saenz, the celebrated Argentine chef and media personality, has captivated audiences worldwide with her culinary prowess and vibrant personality. Born on June 11th, 1983, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she nurtured her passion for gastronomy from a young age. Her journey from a budding chef to a prominent figure in the culinary world is marked by dedication, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Early Beginnings and Educational Pursuits

Growing up in Buenos Aires, Ximena’s early exposure to the rich culinary traditions of Argentina sparked her interest in food. She pursued her academic journey by studying Design of Image and Sound at the University of Buenos Aires, where she honed her creative skills. Later, her passion led her to the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy, where she delved deep into the art and science of cooking.

Career Milestones and Influence

Ximena’s career took off in 2009 when she co-directed the acclaimed TV show “Cocineros Argentinos,” instantly becoming a household name in Argentina. Her captivating charm and culinary skills earned her a role as a judge on Canal 13’s “El Gran Premio de la Cocina” and featured appearances on programs such as “3 Minutes Cocina” and “Tu Vida más Simple.”

Beyond television, Ximena’s influence extends to social media, where she engages her followers with delightful recipes and insights into her daily life. Her presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok has expanded her reach globally, making her a beloved figure among food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike.

Personal Life and Charitable Contributions

In her personal life, Ximena finds balance as a devoted wife to businessman Martin Sabater and a loving mother to their daughter, Neroli Sabater. Her commitment to family echoes her warmth and generosity, traits that resonate through her culinary creations and community engagements.

Ximena’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her founding of SAENZ Group, a private equity firm focused on investment and real estate development. Her financial success, complemented by an estimated net worth of $500,000, underscores her multifaceted achievements beyond the kitchen.

Future Prospects and Continued Influence

Looking ahead, Ximena Saenz remains committed to pushing culinary boundaries and inspiring others through her work. Her upcoming projects promise to showcase her innovation and passion for food, ensuring her enduring influence in both traditional media and the dynamic realm of social media.


Ximena Saenz’s journey from Buenos Aires to global culinary acclaim is a testament to her talent, perseverance, and unwavering dedication. As she continues to evolve professionally and personally, her impact on the culinary world and beyond remains profound, making her a role model for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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